Microsoft SQL Server

At Fard Solutions. our philosophy is to do one thing well. In our case, that one thing is Microsoft SQL Server consulting. We are SQL Server experts. We are trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, secure and reliable database environment for your company. If your business runs on a SQL Server database, You will find that we are the people you’re looking for. Choosing the right SQL Server consultant is an important decision. Get a feel for the people you will be working with before you commit. We will be happy to discuss your SQL Server issues with you and/or your whole team. Occasionally we can even solve your immediate problem on the spot.
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Enterprise Data Warehouse

The central success factors of data warehouse departments are data models, architectures, conceptualizations, process analyses and optimizations as well as data management which integrate the dynamics of the business into the data warehouse with maximum efficiency – from new products or business lines to mergers and acquisitions. Fard Solutions Sdn. Bhd. assists data warehouse managers on the way to a slim, efficient and maintainable infrastructure with a product portfolio geared to an economic and scalable date warehouse management.
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SQL Server DBA Recruitment

The goal of the employment unit of the Office of Human Resources is to identify and recruit qualified candidates for open positions at the company. We offer a Temporary to experience working expert DBAs. We do SQL Server DBA Interview and Assessment by different approach to find the best for your company.
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Master Data Management

Data spread across multiple systems can lack integrity and consistency. This leads to inaccurate reporting and data analysis, poor business decision making, missed opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, failure to comply with data management regulations, and ultimately reduced profitability. Master data management is a key part of an enterprise integration management (EIM) system because it enables you to avoid these problems and take control of your data. By implementing a master data management initiative, you can solve the problem of data sprawl and begin to make your data work to your advantage.
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