Microsoft SQL Server

At Fard Solutions. our philosophy is to do one thing well. In our case, that one thing is Microsoft SQL Server consulting. We are SQL Server experts. We are trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, secure and reliable database environment for your company. If your business runs on a SQL Server database, You will find that we are the people you’re looking for. Choosing the right SQL Server consultant is an important decision. Get a feel for the people you will be working with before you commit. We will be happy to discuss your SQL Server issues with you and/or your whole team. Occasionally we can even solve your immediate problem on the spot.

We do:

·         Administration ·         Enterprise Data Warehouse
·         Audits and Health Checks ·         Health Check
·         Backup Plan Strategy ·         High Availability
·         Backup and Restore Database ·         Infrastructure Architecture
·         Business Intelligence ·         Integration
·         Capacity Planning ·         Master Data Management
·         Consolidation ·         Performance Tuning
·         Data Transformation ·         Query Design Analysis
·         Data Entry ·         Real-Time Monitoring
·         Database Design ·         Report Services (Customized)
·         Database Development ·         Security Audits and Configuration
·         Database Code Review ·         Software License Tuning
·         Database Migration (From Oracle, AS400, DB2) ·         Training and Instruction
·         DBA Recruitment ·         Troubleshooting
·         Disaster Recovery ·         Upgrade & Patching
·         Dump File Debugging & Investigation ·         Virtualization