SQL Server Reporting Services Migration and High Availablity

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The production environment is SQL Server Active-Passive Failover Cluster, our team managed to migrate SQL Server Reporting Services databases and instances into the current production environment from non-clustered environment. We managed to migrate SSRS into the SQL Server Failover Cluster Resource to provide high availability for Reporting Services as well.

The SQL Server Reporting Services is Failover Cluster aware and is able to failover along Database Engine to each node servers to provide 99.9966% availability.

Hamid J. Fard

I am SQL Server Data Platform Expert with more than 9 years’ of professional experience, I am currently Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Charter-Data Platform, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CIW Database Design Specialist. I also do Pig, Hive and Sqoop development regarding Hadoop Big Data platform. After a few years of being a production database administrator I jumped into the role of Data Platform Expert. Being a consultant allows me to work directly with customers to help solve questions regarding database issues for SQL Server.

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